Based on my learning experience from the Google Developers Technical Writing pre-course

Person writing in a notebook

Whether it is writing documentation, an article, PR comments, or just answering a question on Stack Overflow, writing is an underrated part of being a programmer.

Google has a technical writing course on its developer website. This includes pre-class material which consists of reading and some practice questions.

I spent…

How I changed my career and landed my first developer job

I’m happy to announce that I just started my new career as Software Engineer! I’m sharing my story in hopes to inspire others who are thinking to change their careers as well. Before I wrote my first line of code, I knew nothing about programming.

Before we dive into my…

Why do the React docs recommend using controlled components to implement forms?

When dealing with form data in React, you can use either controlled components or uncontrolled components. According to the React docs, a controlled component is the recommended way to go for most cases.

“In most cases, we recommend using controlled components to implement forms. In a controlled component, form data…

A look back at 1 year of writing on Medium

I published my first article on Medium on October 25th, 2020. At the time, I wanted to use my blog to show potential employers what I was learning. …

Understanding how short-circuit evaluation works.

I came across an interesting problem the other day while coding in JavaScript and React.

I had an array of items. If there were items in the array, I wanted to render a string notifying the user that there were items. …

Exploring the `keyof` type operator and its use with generic functions

There are many ways to create types from other types in TypeScript. One of those ways is to use the keyof type operator.

In this article, we will take a look at the keyof type operator in TypeScript and learn how to use it with generic functions. …

What are generics and how do we use them with TypeScript?

Generics are a powerful tool in programming that helps you prevent repeated code. They offer a way to create reusable functions that can work with a variety of types rather than a single one.

In this article, I will introduce generics in TypeScript. …

Using `const` assertion and indexed access types

While coding the other day, I came across a TypeScript challenge. I wanted to turn an array of strings into a string literal union type.

In other words, I wanted to take this:

const languages = ["English", "Japanese", "Spanish"];

And turn it into this:

type Language = "English" | "Japanese"…

The sx prop is a shortcut for defining custom style that has access to the theme

Material-UI, now rebranded as MUI, released version 5 last week. If you want to get a summary of what is new, check out the article below.

One of the big changes in this release was the move from JSS to emotion as a styling solution.

In version 4, the easiest…

How to create a CSV file importer in React: Part Three

A Comma Separated Values (CSV) file is a text file that contains a list of data. It is often used for exchanging data between different applications.

In this series of articles, we will take a look at how to create a CSV file importer in React. …

Chad Murobayashi

Software Engineer living in Tokyo, Japan. Born and raised in Hawaii.

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